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GRAD Employee ID Cards

Once you receive your enrollment confirmation email, you can also use your coverage without an ID. You just need to give your provider your SSN or UMass Student ID number along with our group numbers, which you can find in your confirmation of coverage email.

Altus ID Cards

You can print an ID by registering on the Altus website.  If you receive an error that your information doesn't match, it may be because of multiple last names (remove any spaces) or because we have an old zip code on file for you. Once you're registered, you can download a virtual ID card, check your claims, etc.

EyeMed ID Cards

If you were enrolled last year, your old card will continue to work and EyeMed will not mail a new ID card automatically. If you would like a new ID, please register on the EyeMed website which will allow you to print an ID.

Wellfleet Student Health Plan ID Cards

Wellfleet Insurance is the student health plan provided by the University of Massachusetts by virtue of your student status.  While we don't manage your health plan, you can get a copy of your ID card here: 

(It may be necessary to type an M before your student ID when logging in to print your ID card.)

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