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Grad Employee Spring 2021 Childcare Reimbursement

Special Instructions


The Graduate Employee Organization (GEO Local 2322) has negotiated additional, emergency childcare assistance for grad employees impacted by the pandemic. These funds must be released earlier than our normal reimbursement process allows--so, we're opening the spring 2021 childcare reimbursement application early. 

Spring 2021 application opens: Mon., March 2021

Spring 2021 deadline: Mon., April 5, 2021

(these dates will replace our annual June 1-June 15 application period).

Application is available by logging into your account at Please upload the following as part of your application:


  • the page of your most recent Federal tax return (likely 2020) with your adjusted gross income listed (AGI) for both you and your spouse/partner, if applicable

  • your spring 2021 receipts (Jan 1-May 30)

  • if your childcare costs are billed monthly and you won't yet have receipts for April & May, please use the comments section of the application to provide an estimate of your costs for April & May. If we approve a reimbursement for your family, we will need your final receipts once you have them in order to disperse your full reimbursement. 

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