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Postdoc Family Benefits

The Trust Fund Childcare Reimbursement

The Trust Fund plans to distribute over $61,000 during this plan year

across eligible Postdoc employees for their childcare costs.


The basic eligibility requirements are:


1) Applicants must be eligible Postdoc employees working at least 20 hours per week.


2) Eligible childcare includes:


  • state-licensed (or equivalent) infant, toddler, or preschool care in center based                                                                                            and group home-based settings

  • before and after-school based care 

  • summer camp

  • organizational/center based extracurricular activities (i.e. excludes private lessons)

  • tutoring, homework assistance and online instructional programming costs for school-aged children

  • Family, Friends and Neighbor (FFN) informal care (limited by a lower $3000 per child per plan year maximum)

Licensed care means that the State of Massachusetts' Office of Early Education & Care (or comparable state office in another state) has provided a license to your provider to operate. The state publishes a list of licensed providers. Please check with your provider if they are not on this list, as some are exempt under the EEC guidelines. 


There is also a $6,000 per child (for whom receipts are submitted) annual cap on the amount a family can be reimbursed. The full eligibility requirements and guidelines for how we determine childcare reimbursements are available below.

There is a separate $3,000 per child (for whom receipts are submitted) annual maximum on Family, Friends and Neighbors (FFN) Informal Care receipts. 

Summer 2023 receipts (June-Aug): DUE 9/15/23

Fall 2023 receipts (Sept-Dec): DUE 12/31/23

Spring 2024 receipts (Jan-May): DUE 5/31/24

Summer 2024 receipts (June-Aug): DUE 9/15/24

Predicting your Trust Fund Reimbursement

The Trust Fund cannot guarantee reimbursements because so many changing variables impact the number and amount of reimbursements per period: the number of eligible applicants, their actual total childcare costs, etc. However, it can be useful to review what families similar to yours have received in previous rounds of reimbursement.  Please account for the fact that any other subsidy received for the same period will reduce your total reported childcare costs.

Find your income level using your family size and your household's Adjusted Gross income from your last federal tax return using this chart.

Please find the most recent percentage reimbursements for all income levels below:

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