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Open Enrollment 2022-23

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Postdoc Open Enrollment: Aug 15 to Sept 15, 2022
During open enrollment, you can apply for the first time or make changes to your Trust Fund benefits effective September 1, 2022. *This is separate from your health plan's open enrollment. 

  • Existing employees who don't need to make changes to their current coverage need not take any action during open enrollment.

  • Existing employees who just need to update your address log in to the enrollment portal, go to your dashboard and scroll down to the address update button.

  • Already enrolled and want to make changes? If you want to add/remove family coverage, end your coverage, or if you would like to add life insurance or MetLaw to your benefits, simply email the Director of Benefit Programs at 

What's new for 2021-22?

New Dental Plan Provider: Altus Dental

We're excited to announce a new partnership with Altus Dental to provide a great dental plan that buildings on our already robust benefits which include

  • 100% coverage for preventative and diagnostic care: 2 exams per plan year, xrays according to schedule, and 4 cleanings per plan year

  • 80% coverage for restorative procedures like fillings 

  • 65% coverage for major restorative procedures like crowns

New for 2022-23 ...

  • Fluoride treatment for all covered members for a total of two treatments per year @ 100% 

  • Athletic mouth guards for dep children under age 19 once every 24 months covered @ 65% 

  • Teeth Whitening once per arch every 60 months covered @ 65% 

New EyeMed Vision Benefits

We already offer a robust vision plan with EyeMed, but we've upgraded the plan to save you more money!

New for 2022-23:

  • Frame benefit is increasing from $150 to $175

  • Added Diabetic Care Services

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