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Vision Benefits During COVID-19

Replacing Contacts or Glasses Online

EYEMED Vision COVID-19 Related changes

  • To help former employees that participated in the EyeMed vision plan who may have been impacted by COVID‐19 reductions in force, EyeMed will enroll them in the EyeMed Cares plan at no cost. EyeMed Cares is a discount program that provides the following features: ‐ Fixed exam fee of $50 ‐ Fixed cost of $50 for single vision lenses ‐ Fixed cost of $135 for standard progressive lenses ‐ Fixed lens options: $12 UV coating, $12 tint, $35 polycarbonate, and $40 standard anti‐reflective coating ‐ 35% off a complete pair of glasses 

    • EyeMed will contact former employees directly about EyeMed Cares. EyeMed will pull a membership file of all former employees no longer actively enrolled in a vision plan as of March 31st and they will automatically be included in their initial mailing beginning in June. For any employees that may be impacted by future changes, EyeMed will pull a new membership file monthly through August 31st. Anyone that is no longer an active member will be included in the EyeMed Cares program. 

  • Due to COVID‐19, you may have the right to obtain in‐network level benefits with an out‐of‐network provider when in‐network options are not available. If this situation applies to you, contact the Director of Benefits for the UAW/UMASS Health and Welfare Trust Fund using the information at the end of this notice for assistance. 

  • EyeMed has created a detailed FAQ about your options for obtaining frames, lenses or contacts during this period. This includes:
    • Using Vision Benefits Online

    • Members interested in understanding how their eyecare experience may be different as new protocols for social distancing and sanitation guidelines are implemented can find answers to many common questions at, including:

    • What should I expect when I return to my eye doctor?

    • What if I am a high-risk patient?

    • Will I need to wear a mask? Will they provide one for me?

    • What new safety and sanitation protocols should I expect at my eye doctor’s office?

    • How will my eye doctor assure social distancing guidelines are followed?

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