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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to apply for a family plan but the portal never asked me for my family member's names.

Use the "previous page" button to go back to the application screen which asks about your household and make sure to select "I have a partner/Spouse" and/or "I have children".

I'm want to apply for benefits, but I don't have a Social Security Number (SSNs) yet.

We no longer use SSNs for enrollment, so that is fine. You will only need your UMass student ID.

Isn't dental part of my student health plan?

No, dental and vision insurance are separate from your student health plan and require a separate application at

Do I use my Wellfleet ID when I go to the dentist?

No, you will use your Altus ID card which you can download at 

I have a family. How can I add them to my dental and vision plans?

It's easy. When you apply at make sure to indicate you have a family when prompted. Then the application will ask you for their names and dates of birth and allow you to pay the $100/year family dental fee. If you already esigned but need to add your family, email us 

Do I need to re-apply for dental and vision every semester?

No, not every semester. You do need to re-apply once per academic year to maintain coverage.

I have a dental appointment scheduled for August 20th. Will I be covered?

It depends. If you were eligible and enrolled last year (plan year 23-24), that coverage is still in place through 8/31/24. If you are a fall 2023 entering grad employee, your earliest date of coverage is 9/1/24.

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