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Frequenty Asked Questions


Isn't dental coverage part of my student health plan?

No, dental and vision insurance are separate from your student health plan and require a separate application at


Do I use my Wellfleet ID when I go to the dentist? 

No, you will use your Altus ID card which you can download at 


I have a family. How can I add dental & vision for them?

It's easy. When you apply at make sure to indicate you have a family on the first page. Then the application will ask you for their names and dates of birth and allow you to pay the $100/year family dental fee.


Do I need to reapply for dental & vision each semester?

No, just once per academic year. The student health plan is different and if you have a family plan or are taking fewer than 5 credits or are on continuous enrollment, you need to reapply with them each semester. The form is available here.

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