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Postdoc Annual Notice

Below you'll find important documents regarding plan benefits provided by the UAW/UMass Health & Welfare Trust Fund.  Please review the following documents carefully and retain them for future reference.


  1. Summary of Material Modifications for the Plan (describing certain changes to the plan benefits)

  2. Summary Plan Description

  3. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) Policy

  4. Trust Fund Financial Report

  5. Information about your COBRA Rights

Note: These documents only pertain to your benefits through the Trust Fund, and not to your health plan provided by UMass. 

2023-24 Summary of Material Modifications 

Click here for a list of changes to our benefits & administrative policies, effective 9/1/23.

2023-24 Summary Plan Description (PHWP)

Click here for the booklet that serves as both a Summary Plan Description and Plan Document for those employed by the University of Massachusetts Amherst and participating in the plans provided by UAW/UMass Health & Welfare Trust Fund. The plans administered by the UAW/UMass Health & Welfare Trust Fund are the GEO Unit Health & Welfare Plan (the “GHWP”) and the Post-Doctoral Unit Health & Welfare Plan (the “PHWP”). For a paper copy of the summary plan description, please contact the Benefits Administrator at or (413) 345-2156

2023-24 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) Policy

Click here for the policy


2023-24 Trust Financial Report

Click here for a summary of the Trust's finances.

2023-24 Information about COBRA Rights

Click here for important information about your COBRA Rights.

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