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Grad Student Health Plan

The Trust Fund does not administer or manage the student health plan.

But we do point you in the direction of where to learn more...

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Understanding the Difference Between the Student Health Plan and the Trust Fund Benefits

the UMass Student Health Plan

  • Plan year is 8/1-7/31 annually

  • This is your medical insurance plan, also referred to as health insurance and provides coverage to see doctors, behavioral health providers, go to the hospital if needed, etc.

  • If you are taking 5 or more credits you are automatically enrolled. If you are taking less credits or are on continuous enrollment, you need to submit the enrollment form to UHS each semester

  • Questions about this plan? Go to UHS Patient Services or (413) 577-5192 or

Trust Fund Benefits (dental & vision)

  • Plan year is 9/1-8/31 annually

  • These plans supplement your health plan and provide coverage to see dentists and vision providers

  • You must reapply for these benefits each academic year. There is no automatic enrollment.

  • Questions about this plan? Go to or (413) 345-2156 or

opens 8/15

only for those taking less than 5 credits or on continuous enrollment 

UMass Student Health Plan Costs in Brief

This chart is stripped down to provide the most basic and direct answer to the question, “If I am GEO-eligible, what will I pay?” While UMass provides the student health plan by virtue of your student status, your union (GEO/UAW 2322) negotiates the deferment of fees for that plan.

How do I print an ID card for the student health plan?

Use the button above, enter your school as UMass Amherst, go to the            in the top right and choose My Account, and then Create a New Account. Once you have an account, ID card is also an option under 

Also on Wellfleet’s site you can:

  • View what’s covered by the plan by clicking on Discover your Benefits

  • Find a doctor by clicking on Find Health Professionals


How do I find a doctor?

Use button above, enter your school as UMass Amherst, go to Find Health Professionals. Outside of MA? Search in the zip code where you're located. Outside the country? Please consult the Travel Guard brochure. 

How to Apply if taking fewers than 5 credits, on Continuous Enrollment or Family Plan?
Is there coverage while traveling?
I need help deciphering my Bursar bill...

-Your fees may not yet be deferred (removed from your bill). This process does take some time after your contract is processed.

-You can expedite the process by going into SPIRE and selecting “I would like to be covered under the University Student Health Insurance Plan and have the costs deferred.”

-Once fees are deferred, your bill will look like this (this is a single plan example):

Or like this (family plan example, in which one fee, “student health plan,” has not yet been deferred):

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