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Outschool Benefit

Eligible Graduate Student Employees & Postdocs have access to $250 worth of classes from Outschool.
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Outschool is a high-quality online purveyor of 100000+ video chat classes for K-12 science, art, mindfulness, languages, social studies, life skills, and more!

Accessing Class Credits 

  1. Sign the Outschool waiver on your dashboard.

  2. Request a gift card here.

  3. Follow the instructions emailed to you with the gift card and begin accessing up to $250 per child of free content per plan year. 

Eligibility and Guidelines


To access an Outschool gift card for your child, you must:

  • Be eligible for Trust Fund benefits AND

  • Have a child aged 3-18.

Eligible families can access $250 per child plan year (9/1-8/31). 

Please be aware:

  • E-signing the Participant Authorization is required in order to access an Outschool gift card. 

  • Outschool gift cards can be used to pay for any classes or tutoring sessions on the Outschool site. Once you exhaust the $250 maximum per child plan year allotment from the Trust Fund, any remaining course costs are your responsibility. 

  • The Trust Fund is not responsible for the content, presentation, distribution or administration of Outschool classes.

Questions? Connect with us.
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