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MetLife Group Legal Plan

for Grad Employees & Postdocs

Eligible Grad Employees & Postdocs can elect to enroll in a prepaid group legal plan offered by MetLife.

MetLife Legal allows you unlimited access to attorneys for issues covered by the plan and can save employees hundreds of dollars in attorney fees. MetLife Legal covers common issues like:

Who can be covered?

Should you opt into this program, your spouse and dependent children also have access to the plan benefits.


Coverage Cost for Grad Employees:

The employee premium to participate is $216/year payable over 6 monthly installments of $36 via PayPal automatic payments.

Coverage Cost for Postdoc Employees:

The MetLaw Legal Plan is free for eligible Postdocs.

List of Definitions & Reimbursements
Find an In-Network Attorney

1) Enter Access Code – ‘GETLAW’

2) Click ‘Find an Attorney – who will help me?’

3) Enter Zip Code or State

4) If desired, identify specific service needed

Estate Planning

The MetLife Legal website provides you with the ability to create wills, living wills and powers of attorneys online in as little as 15 minutes. Answer a few questions about yourself, your family and your assets to create these documents instantly. In states where available, you also have access to sign and notarize your documents online through our video notary feature.

Electing Coverage

You can apply for this optional benefit only during an open enrollment period. Grad Employees electing this benefit won't be enrolled until they set up recurring payments for the $216 annual premium (broken into 6 monthly payments of $36).

Ending Coverage

This benefit is for a minimum of 12 months. The only exception is when you leave employment or lose eligibility prior to the expiration of the 12 month benefit period. In that case, please contact us and we will end the benefit and refund any portion of the premium paid beyond your termination date.

Taking your MetLife Legal Plan with you when you leave UMass

The legal plan is portable, meaning you can take it with you when your tenure at UMass is complete. The standard portability period is 12 months. Contact MetLife for pricing after you leave employment.

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