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Busting the 5 Myths about Trust Fund Benefits

Are you making smart benefit plan choices? Let's review the common myths:

1. I have the student health plan, so I'm all set.


     FALSE: The student health plan doesn't cover dental & vision. If you rely on just the student health plan, you will have no insurance when you go to a dentist or eye doctor. Our dental and vision coverage separate and supplemental to the student health plan.


2. I have dental through my parents or spouse, so I'm all set.


     FALSE: You can have two plans simultaneously, and use both toward services you receive.*  Often the grad employee plan has higher levels of coverage, so you should compare the plans. Also, our family plans are very inexpensive ($100/yr for dental, free for vision), so it may be worth switching from your spouse's plan altogether. Finally, you can always decline the dental and vision, and just opt into the $225 gym reimbursement


3. I am skeptical that this is free. It seems too good to be true.

     FALSE: Enrollment in the plans is completely free. As with any insurance, you may have copayments if you have certain dental or vision procedures.  But your dental cleanings, exams and x-rays (according to the schedule) are covered at 100% and your vision exam will be just $10 in-network.


4. I see an out-of-state dentist, so this doesn't apply to me.

     FALSE: Our dental and vision plans have nationwide networks of providers. And even if you go out-of-network, you'll still pay less than having no insurance at all.


5. I'll just wait and see if I need it.


     FALSE: Dental emergencies can erupt out of nowhere and you don't want to scramble around to get covered. Enrollment isn't instantaneous, so if you wait for an emergency, you could end up paying out-of-pocket and having to get reimbursed after the fact.

6. I think I will be taxed for these benefits.

     FALSE: These ERISA benefits are not taxable.

7. Even with insurance, I won't be able to afford dental work. 

     FALSE: You'd be surprised how much you can save at an in-network dentist and we have some strategies to help you maximize your benefit. We have many members who've had significant dental work, oral surgery, etc and have paid only a small percentage out of pocket.


It's free, so why not opt in to the benefits you have earned? It takes 5 minutes to complete the online application.

*Most plans have what's called a coordination of benefits policy, outlining which plan is billed first in the event you have two plans. We can provide you with a copy of this policy if you are interested.  

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