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Postdoc Life Insurance

Effective 9/1/21, eligible postdoc employees who work at least 20 hours and have a benefits application on file will receive a $10,000 individual basic life insurance and accidental death & dismemberment policy at no cost. For any policy amounts above $10K or for dependents, you can purchase additional MetLife spplemental life insurance at affordable group rates for yourself, spouse/domestic partner & children.

If you do not want this policy, you can opt out by logging into the enrollment portal.

Within 30 days of the start of employment, eligible postdoc employees who work at least 20 hours per week can elect to purchase optional, 100% employee paid supplemental life insurance for themselves, their spouse / domestic partner, and dependents. This purchased policy would be over and above the $10,000 life insurance and AD&D policy provided as a free benefit to all eligible Postdocs who have an active benefits application on file.


Benefit Highlights include:

  • You can purchase up to 5 times your salary to a max benefit of $500,000

  • Spouse & Domestic partner can purchase up to $100,000 (rates based on your age)

  • Dependent coverage can be purchased at increments up to $10,000

  • Your first $100,000 of coverage is without medical evidence, $25,000 for spouse, and $10,000 for dependents

  • Coverage is portable at group rates if you leave UMass

  • Free, face to face, will preparation service if you participate in the plan

How to Apply for No Cost $10K Basic Life Policy

As long as you have an active benefits application on file with the Trust Fund and are an active employee working at least 20 hours per week, you do not need to apply--you will automatically be opted into this benefit. You can submit a beneficiary form for this free policy. Beneficiary form will be available starting 9/1/21. If we do not receive a beneficiary form from you, there is a legal sequence of legal spouse, kids, parents, siblings, estate.  This sequence would be followed if no beneficiary is designated or if the designated beneficiary is not alive at the time of a claim.

How to Apply for Supplemental Life Coverage above the $10K
  • 1) Complete the benefits application and in the life insurance section, choose your coverage preferences.

  • 3) Reply to the secure email with Form 1 if you are applying for less than $100,000 of coverage and/or your spouse is applying for less than $25,000 of coverage.

  • 4) Form 2 is ONLY required for those applying for more than $100,000 of coverage. Completed form should be mailed or faxed to MetLife per directions on top of form.

MetLife Advantages
Taking your Policy with You when you Leave UMass

The life insurance plan is portable at group rates, meaning you can take it with you when your tenure at UMass is complete. Contact MetLife for pricing after you leave employment.

Relevant Plan Documents
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