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GEO: Why Altus &
What Does it Mean?

We're excited to announce we've partnered with Altus Dental to provide a dental plan that builds on our previous benefit but also allows for many enhancements.

The Trust Fund engaged in a rigorous bid process during the Spring of 2022, reviewing dental plan proposals from multiple dental insurers, in search of the best overall value to graduate employees.

Altus offered a strong proposal matching our current benefits and including several new benefit enhancements:

  • Fluoride treatment for all covered members for a total of two treatments per year @ 100% 

  • Athletic mouth guards for dep children under age 19 once every 24 months covered @ 65% 

  • Teeth Whitening once per arch every 60 months covered @ 65% 

What Does it Mean for Me?

Change can inspire worry. The new Altus dental plan can be used with all dentists--some will be in-network and some won't be in network, but you can choose to go to any dentist. The difference is that when you see an out-of-network dentist you are subject to the once per year deductible (the first $75 of a service other than cleanings/exams). Other than that, Altus will pay out on your plan according to the normal percentages (100% for preventative/diagnostic, 80% for type B services like filings and oral surgery, 65% for type C services like crowns) up to the 95th percentile--this means that as long as your dentist is not in the top 5% of dentists in the region in terms of their charges, you will see no difference, no increase, no supplemental billing. As always, we encourage you to ask your dentist for a pretreatment estimate if you are having anything other than diagnostic and preventative services done, regardless of the dentist you choose. A pretreatment estimate means Altus will put in writing exactly how much of your dentist's charges are covered under the plan and what, if anything, you will be responsible for.

Also, there are great in-network dentists in the Pioneer Valley.  You will continue to see new dentists add into the network due to the buying power of our 2900 employees.

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