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Virtual Resources & Opportunities

As COVID-19 requires us to stay home and engage in social distancing, we offer the following list of resources and opportunities to stay sane, avoid isolation, support local health & wellness providers and build for the future. Please note the info below reflects the available information to date and should always be double-checked for accuracy as things are changing rapidly. Additionally, this information does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement of any of the content below--please use your own judgement on what is right for you during this time. If there's something you think we should add to this list, let us know!
Information sharing: we've set up Slack channels to answer basic questions and share resources. You'll get a link via email if you'd like to join. Do not share any private, protected health information on Slack--if you need answers to specific questions related to your private information, call us at (413) 345-2156 or email us at and request a secure email to reply to.

Your Health

  • Health Insurance: The Trust Fund does not provide your student health plan. It is provided by UMass and administered by Wellfleet Insurance. See their site for information on COVID-19. As of 3/17/20, Wellfleet Insurance states "Wellfleet’s fully-insured Student Health plans will cover member costs for COVID-19 testing. We’ll waive all co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance. Like a preventive visit, members will have no out-of-pocket costs for testing."
  • If you're concerned about potential exposure to COVID-19 because you believe a coworker has tested positive, is presumptive positive, or you've been in contact with someone you think has been infected by the coronavirus (COVID-19), should contact the COVID-19 HR Response Team at 413-687-2283 or
  • Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) online resources are available here.


Dentist are seeing patients during the pandemic and are employing a variety of safety measures to protect their staff and their patients. To find an in-network dentist, search here. If your dentist charges you for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) used during your visit, you can submit receipts to the Trust Fund for reimbursement. Just log in to your dashboard and look for the PPE reimbursement link to upload your receipt.  


It's very easy to use your vision benefits online if you are reluctant to go to brick and mortar locations during the pandemic. Our EyeMed Select vision plan can be used remotely at the following in-network providers:  LensCraftersTarget and ContactsDirect. Instantly apply your in-network benefits at checkout. Enjoy free shipping and returns. More info on your online options here.
When searching for an in-network provider, you can look for the Safety Ready badge in your search results, or filter by Safety Ready providers. See safety ready provider confirmation criteria for additional details.
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