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The Family Friendly Workspace (FFW)

The FFW is a UAW office space managed in conjunction with the UAW/UMass Health & Welfare Trust Fund

  • The FFW is a cozy, private, child-friendly workspace that grad employees can reserve to get some work done while they're on campus. The space can be reserved in 2 hour increments, starting at 8 am and with the last booking starting at 6 pm, Monday-Saturday.
  • The workspace includes two desks with chairs, an armchair for reading, a small table and chairs for children, kid's books and toys, and a refrigerator and a bottle warmer for nursing parents.
  • The policies and procedures for the space are here.
  • To reserve the space, log in to your dashboard and esign the FFW use waiver.  Once your esign, you'll be sent an email to reserve the space using Calendly. That's it!
  • The FFW is located in the Thompson Lowrise Room 10 (behind the tower), see map below for where to enter building. If you're entering the building from the parking lot side, you will turn right and then left to access the stairs which will take you to the lower level of Thompson. Follow the signs for the lower level bathrooms. You will receive a door access code in your confirmation email. On the weekends, there is only one outside door to Thompson that is open. It is on the parking lot side of the building (the right side if you are standing at the front of Thompson.]
  • Unfortunately, the Thompson lowrise is not accessible by elevator. There are two short flights of stairs from the ground level to the lower floor.


Please let us know if you have any questions:

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