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GEO: troubleshooting the application

You're in the enrollment portal, but experiencing issues. Let us help! Below you'll find answers to common issues users run into. If you don't see what you're looking for, chat with us using the tool in the right corner of the screen.
  1. No matching ID/Email Error

If you enter your email and student ID and receive this error

this likely means that your application from last year has a different student ID or email, usually due to a typo when you were filling out last year's application. The only way to resolve this is to contact the administrator and correct your email or ID. Don't provide your entire ID over regular email--ask that a secure email be sent to you to which you can reply safely.

2. Trying to apply for a family plan but application hasn't asked for my family members' names


The very first page of the application asks whether you are applying just for yourself or for a family:

If you inadvertently checked "I am applying just for myself," the system will route you into the single application. To fix this:

-refresh your browser and clear your history or open a different browser

-go back to the "Begin or resume an application page"

-make sure to check "Yes, I have a partner/spouse or children"

-and send yourself a new secure link to the application.

-now, you should see an opportunity to review/add dependents' names

3. My dashboard says my application is Incomplete


This likely means you have not esigned your benefits authorization form. Go to your dashboard, which will look like this:

-click on the "esign your benefits form" link next to Required

-the next page is your benefits form, which looks like this:

-review the info, scroll down and type your name as your signature, check the box and hit submit:

4. I don't have a Social Security Number yet


Your Social Security Number (SSN) is required by the insurance companies to complete your dental or vision insurance enrollment. Under the field on the application requesting your SSN, you can check a box indicating that you have not yet received it:

-check the box and we can proceed with verifying your eligibility and providing any benefits that don't require the SSN.

-your dental and vision will be pending until we receive the SSN.

-contact us when you do receive your SSN and ask us to send you a secure email, or log back in to your dashboard to supply your SSN.

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