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Postdoc Dental Insurance

The Altus dental plan features:

  • 100% coverage for preventative care, like exams and up to 4 cleanings/plan year

  • 80% coverage for procedures like fillings

  • 65% coverage for more involved procedures, like crowns

  • TMJ coverage

  • Orthodontic for adults and coverage for children to age 19

  • $2250 calendar year maximum

  • Fluoride treatment for all covered members for a total of two treatments per year @ 100% 

  • Athletic mouth guards for dep children under age 19 once every 24 months covered @ 65% 

  • Teeth Whitening once per arch every 60 months covered @ 65% 

  • Reimbursement for out-of-network benefits will be based on the 95th percentile of “reasonable and customary”

  • $0 deductible when you see an in-network dentist (a once per year deductible applies for out-of-network providers: $75 for individuals and an aggregate $225 for families.)


Please review the plan full description before using insurance.

Benefits plan year is 9/1-8/31 meaning your dental plan year maximum renews each 9/1, as does any responsibility to pay a deductible. 

Who can be covered?

Eligible Postdoc employees, their dependent spouses, same and opposite sex domestic partners, and children up to age 26. No other family members are eligible for coverage under the plan.


The dental plan is free for eligible Postdoc employees. Family plans are available with a premium contribution. The Trust Fund subsidizes the cost of the single+1 and family plan to ensure the employee premium is affordable. Rates effective 9/1/22-8/31/23:

single + 1 plan: (you + a spouse/partner or 1 child): $10/month

family plan: (you + multiple dependents): $20/month

Find a dentist

When prompted, our network includes the Connection Dental and DenteMax Networks. You can also call Customer Service at 877-223-0588 or email at 


You should always confirm that your dentist or facility is participating in our network at the time you make your appointment.

Using Benefits Out-of-Network

While you maximize your benefits when seeing an Altus dentist, you can still choose to go out-of-network. Reimbursement for your out-of-network benefits are based on the 95th percentile of “reasonable and customary” charges (see description for details). To request out-of-network reimbursement, register on the Altus site, submit the claim form and attach your receipt from the dental office.

Pretreatment Estimates

It's important to ask your dentist for a pre-treatment estimate prior to having procedures beyond basic cleanings.  That way, you'll know in advance exactly what portion of the costs your benefits will cover and what you will be required to pay out of pocket.

Benefits Plan Year

The benefit plan year is 9/1 to 8/31, meaning your $2250 plan year maximum renews each 9/1, as well as your deductible responsibility. 

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